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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dydd 9

Is it possible to have a language hangover (langover?) ? This morning I felt as if my brain had been vigorously kicked during the night. I tried to get back on top with some Gwaith Cartre and some re-reading of the early course bits but I just ended up fixated on the beautiful simplicity of Ble dych i'n byw?

On top of that 'great start' we had some gwaith caled (hard work) today with Uned 11 ac Uned 12. More useful phrases about knowing people (always a popular topic here in Wales) and being ill (including lots of examples of how to call in sick to work).

It was quite tough going but there's a really good vibe in the class at the moment, with the tutor's mix of children's games (Un bys, Dai bys, Tri bys, dawnsio! ...), repetition and exercises forming a good basis for learning. Everyone seems to be leaving the class with a more positive attitude and time is flying.

One downside is that rather than running through two units quite quickly we're now almost strugling to get to the end of the second unit by the end of the class. Maybe it's just the topics at the moment but I hope we don't end up lagging behind come the end of the week.

A quick hint to any future Wlpanese - bring a ring binder! The books fall apart quicker than you can blink. And lots of people seem to be finding multiple pen colours very useful.

According to one of the comments to my last post (Swt mae Deiniol), there is a "sect" heading out to the Cŵps noson Dydd Gwener ar ôl i cwis (Friday night after the Quiz). Sounds like good fun and it'd be interesting to meet friendly locals (although I will be incognito).


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