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Monday, August 07, 2006

Dydd 8

Another week, another tutor, and with him a total change of pace. The whole group's shifted up a gear (or at least it feels like it) and we're now doing more of what I would call exercises (rather than games). No real drop in enthusiasm though, that must really be on the job spec for being a language tutor (or they drug them...).

Unedau 9 & 10 heddiw. Specifically Dwi'n hoffi, Dwi'n eisau and describing that you own things (Fy nghar i, Dy gar di, Ei char hi). This meant a lot more in the way of mutations and some of the group were pretty aprehensive.

All in all though it seems to have sunk in (at least for me). We'll see tomorrow how well it's going and how much we've all remembered. The group has lost two people but not yet gained any - I'm quite glad about this, as we've kind have gelled. It'd be weird to bring a chi in to the group.

Good news; this tutor started right of the bat with a 'realistic' idea of what we should be able to achieve after the course. To paraphrase, we should be able to have a chat outside the classroom. For some, who obviously had their heart set on fluency, this was a bit of a blow - for others it seems to be a challenge!

On reflection, we've been given quite a linguistic arsenal in 6 days of teaching. We can talk about where we live and come from, what we like, dislike and hate. We can say what we did, are doing and are going to do and what we had, are having and will have. Combine this with a bucketful of nouns and you can pretty much get along in one of three key situations;
  • Meeting a group for the first time and getting to know enough about them to see if you're actually interested in continuing talking.
  • Making polite conversation (in which you have no real opinions and discuss no exciting subjects).
  • Drunk-talk (wyt i'n hoffi pel-droed? Dwi'n hoff iawn pel-droed. Beth tim wyti'n hoffi? Dwi'n hoffi Gaerdydd. Peiont arall? Diolch. - Then just repeat replacing pel-droed with anything else really.)
Hopefully the group will be going out to somewhere more hospitable in the near future. There have been some really great people commenting on these posts and it sounds like there are friendly locals who might put up with a bit of linguistic butchery out of charity or humour!).


  • I only heard about this blog today. Great Idea, blogging the whole experience. I'd try to do likewise but alas I am a) blogging only yn Gymraeg nawr, and b) I seem to have been down the Cwps every night for eterity recently (no bad thing I hasten to add).

    I'm all for a break-away sect for a few drinks down town, and infact there are already plans afoot to head into the Cwps ASAP after the Quiz on Thursday evening.

    Kep up the great work on the blog and I promise to blog more about the course in Welsh as soon as I get a moment.

    By Blogger Deiniol ap James, at 01:15  

  • Mwy ysgrifennu yn y Gymraeg, os gwelwch yn dda ;p

    Paul (Cwrs Wlpan 1997)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:34  

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