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Friday, August 04, 2006

Dydd 5

You know it's Dydd Gwener when someone produces a Courgette in class and you all have to ask Oes courgette 'da hi?. Yes, today we did owning things which basically seems to boil down to saying "I've got a ... with me" - I don't know what you do when you have borrowed something "Mae car gyda fi. Wel dim fy nghar. Car ffrind. Mae car ffrind 'da fi (Diolch, Nic)

Two reflections on this week; First off, people say that they've had the biggest problems with the Treigladau (mutations). I think that this really stems from a lack of understanding of what the course will give us. Lots of questions from the group to the tutor focus on whether 'proper' Welsh speakers will get offended by our mangled attempts at speaking the hen iaith!

There's a fear here that we won't be able to actually do anything with our Welsh. I really hope there's a few opportunities to follow through some of the conversations in the real (or at least realer!) world.

Which brings me to a comment from Nic who suggests visiting the Cwps down town. I thought I'd give it a go this Saturday but ended up bottling doing something else. The Cwps (ble mae'r to bach yn yr bysellfwrdd!) seems like a great place and it's a shame that the 'Wlpanau' (seems like the best description to me!) don't go there at all. Instead everything's at Brynamlwg - the staff social club. There's currently a guerilla movement to encourage the group to enjoy more of the town but it's only had limited success (1 night in Rummers).

One last thing, the afternoon was somewhat limited by a massive reduction in our size and a fire alarm after afternoon coffee. When we headed back it was like school, everyone camped out outside the building. One group even started singing!


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