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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dydd 2

First full day yesterday and I won't pretend it wasn't shattering. We pretty much sailed through the two units (I'd have said that we could probably have done half a unit more) and there was lots of padding out revision games. Still, everyone looked exhausted by the time we left.

We're up to mynd now which has expanded our ability to hold conversations dramatically!

Ok, it was always going to happen so it's about time for a bit of a whinge. Anyone who's even thought about learning Cymraeg has heard of the Wlpan courses and they're pretty good all round way of getting to grips with the language. However, a good plan can be poorly executed - which is what seems to be the theme of Wlpan Awst.

I'm not critising our Tiwtor - she's great, very patient and good at explaining things. No, the course in general has been a bit of a shambles.

Maybe I'm expecting too much but there was no initial croeso at all - no welcome meeting, no explanation of the course, nothing. Just a queue of people picking up course material and then "go away until 2pm". When we all came back it was just for a quick walk to the teaching rooms and then bang - straight in to Uned 1.

For me, I'd have liked a bit of an introduction - an explanation of the courses (how Wlpan is 2 years, what Pellach and Uwch are and so on), what we should expect from completing Wlpan Awst, where next once the course has finished. The only information circulating round the group does so by word of mouth - apparently we swap tutors every week but no one has explicitly told the group this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the course will achieve great things but there are a fair few people in my group who expect fluency by mis Medi - and you can't blame them, who's told them otherwise?


  • S'mae Tarten Afal,

    Dwi newydd baglu dros y blog yma, da iawn ti am ei wneud. (I've just stumbled over your blog, well done you for doing it)
    Pob lwc efo'r Wlpan Awst! Fydda i'n dilyn dy welliant (I'll be following your progress). Gobeithio yn wir fydd dy diwtoriaid yn ei ddarllen hefyd! (I really hope your tutors read it as well)

    By Blogger neil wyn, at 01:06  

  • Diolch Neil. Croeso i chi!

    Thanks for your support, hopefully I'll still be here in Wythnos Pedwar!

    By Blogger Tarten Afal, at 08:53  

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