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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dydd 12

A very brief post today I'm afraid as the sheer pain of Unedau 14 & 15 is going to require a long lie down. Two heavy gramatical perspectives in these units which we all struggled our way through, I'm wondering how long it will stick?

After the session the class took a trip to the National Library to watch the Chairing at the Eistedfodd. You could pretty much tell by the laughter how far people had progressed - Grwp 4 laughing at the sublety of language, Grwp 3 laughing at the 'Kiss' jokes, Grwp 2 laughing at Gwenno being a man and Grwp 1 laughing at the old people in the audience.

I've got to say this before going for my kip; the tutor we've had this week has really been very good. He's back for week 4 but hopefully we'll get another good one next week to keep the class steaming on.


  • Sgwrs Wlpan says it's for those who are learning Welsh in West Wales. Is that really so?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19:33  

  • NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07:49  

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