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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dydd 11

After what's been an intensive, but enjoyable, week today was set aside for Adolygu (Revision). Rather than be a whole day of playing games etc we went over some the the basic principles and brought them together into gramatical patterns and tables.

This was sometimes a very slow process, as all of us had some issue or other that hadn't quite sunk in, but was really useful as a consolodation exercise. On top of that we learnt some key basic issues which hadn't been done before - for example, the pronounciation of the letters of the alphabet.

It also provided a more relaxed period where we could practice bringing together lots of different sections. The way in which Wlpan seems to structure the course is to segment specific phrases/situations/gramatical patterns (etc). The upshot of this is that when you actually have a conversation with someone you're mentally flicking through pages of the course to bring together the hello, the weather, and where you have been.

So not a great deal of progression forward today but the class is certainly buzzing from the revision!


  • ydy Heulwen Reynolds ar y cwrs yma?Ceisio cysylltu gyda hi ynglyn a gwaith creu dilledyn i Sian Eirian. Cysylltwch ar yr e bost yma. diolch

    By Anonymous Sioned, at 23:46  

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