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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dydd 10

Mae hi'n chwarter i ddeg nawr ond roedd hi'n hanner wedi naw. Yes, you've guessed it! I can now speak about both the past and the time! It's like I've suddenly stepped in to the light.

Well, maybe not. Still, useful stuff. Actually being able to speak about time in the past tense isn't that useful is it?

Never mind, another solid days work on Unedau 13 & 14. They don't call the course intensive for nothing. Still our current tutor is throwing in lots of extra facts which help to lighten the mood a bit and to keep the class interested.

For example, apparently the two know's (gwebod and nabod mean very different things when applied to people. This is a honey trap for learners - I mean once I know that "Dwi'n gwebod [enw]" means to know them I'm going to be slipping up all over the place. Oh Rhys? Dwi'n gwebod Rhys! Wait. Nabod neu gwebod? Arrrgh! T'esiau peiont!

One final thing, it was great to hear Imogen (Big Brother) yelling "Beth nest ti! Beth nest ti!" tonight it really reminded me that the stock phrases we're all learning can also be used in totally different ways.


  • Gwybod ;-)

    By Blogger Nic Dafis, at 12:33  

  • Diddorol iawn i ddarllen dy flog.

    It brings back memories of when I did the wplan in 1994. It's definitely the best way to learn Welsh and you will be able to hold a basic conversation at the end of the course. There will still be lots more to learn, but the wplan give you the confidence to continue learning.

    Dal ati! A phob lwc.

    By Anonymous Craig, at 16:31  

  • Diolch. Dw i yn y lefel cyntaf-- dechrais i i dysgu cymraeg dim ond chwe wythnos yn ol. Mae cwrs yn dda, a dyn ni wedi gorffen hanner-cant uned.

    (I was trying to say that I'm in the very beginner's class, and only started studying welsh six weeks ago. The course is going well, and we've finished fifty units.)

    Fory, dyn ni'n mynd i Nant Gwythern.

    I certainly know what you mean by a "langover," because we've just been losing our minds over here--albeit enjoying it while doing so.

    I'm writing more about the mind-losing than the Welsh-learning, but if you want to see what goes on in an American's head during an Wlpan, it's at http://fourth-wall.blogspot.com

    By Blogger Alice Teresa, at 16:39  

  • 'Gwybod' is to know something
    'Nabod' is to know someone

    and to throw something else into the pot
    'adnabod' can mean 'recognize' and also 'to recognize'

    *I'm not sure if nabod actually is a shortend/oral version of adnabod - I've managed to confuse myself now!

    By Blogger Rhys Wynne, at 11:05  

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