Wlpan Diary

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dros y Penwythnos

In case you didn't know weekends are pretty much free during Wlpan. Most people go home (if they don't travel to the course already) on Friday for a rest. There are some Saturday events (eg. a trip to the Eisteddfod) but no structured teaching.

So, being a good learner, I decided to put time aside to listen to the tapes and hopefully bring stuff together. One big shock, the pronunciation, regionalisation and accents on the tapes are very different to our tutor. This pretty much sums up Welsh I guess and us learners just need to get used to it!

It's suprising, to me at least, that this level of regional difference still exists in Wales since the Welsh language TV and Radio channels. You'd think that broadcast would end up 'standardising' things, as happens with English and American English.

Monday morning's going to be rough I think. Despite my attempts at revision I've not really spoken with anyone so god knows what will have happened to my Welsh.


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