Wlpan Diary

Monday, July 31, 2006

Dydd 1

The course began in earnest this afternoon with Uned 1. Pretty straight forward stuff - Ble dych chi'n byw? O Ble dych chi'n dod yn wreddiol? and so on.

Mostly it's an opportunity to meet the class and it's a pretty varied group; everyone from School age to the 'third' age.

One real shock has been how similar the course has been to the 'normal' (ie. twice a week) Wlpan. Same games, same getting up and wandering about, same 'repeat-repeat-repeat' and, I'm sad to say, the same gwaith cartre! Yep, we're all expected to do two units a day plus two lots of homework at night!

This is going to be a long month.... in the words of Sandra "Wel, pob lwc."


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